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Minneapolis Outdoor Kitchens

Minneapolis Mn Outdoor Kitchens. Entertain in your backyard paradise with an affordable MN Outdoor Kitchen custom designed and built by The Brick & Stone Artist 
MN Outdoor Kitchen
MN Outdoor Kitchen

Tips For The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen



Outdoor Kitchen Design


When designing a Minneapolis outdoor kitchen you want to make sure the location of the outdoor kitchen is easily accessible to your outdoor dining area but also in a location that will limit unwanted smoke from entering that area from a built in grill or wood-fired pizza oven. There are many options for the shape of your outdoor kitchen, we can build your backyard kitchen in an L shape or U shape or even curved to fit your needs. A popular feature is adding a raised bar area on one side of the outdoor kitchen or adding a spot to install an umbrella. Other things to consider as we design your Minneapolis outdoor kitchen is adding extra electrical receptacles to the unit, this is great for when you are entertaining family and friends with a backyard bbq and want to plug in a crock pot or two. An area to install a built in waste basket is also a great consideration. It's important to consider how you will be using the space. Is your outdoor kitchen mainly for everyday grilling and family bbq's? or do you like to have parties or entertain friends, co-workers or business clients. These factors will determine what appliances you need for your kitchen.


Material Options


There is an endless list of materials we can use to build your Minneapolis outdoor kitchen. The most popular material right now is natural stone because of the crisp natural colors and it's durability and strength. Brick is also a great choice and can give your outdoor living area a traditional look. Most times we are able to match the stone or brick that you currently have on your house.  Other materials we are able to build your outdoor kitchen out of are concrete, stucco, manufactured stone, wood, and metal. We are also open to, and encourage, other materials such as rustic reclaimed barn wood and hammered copper for your outdoor kitchen, These materials add character and uniqueness to your outdoor kitchen project. As for countertops, we can custom make molded or pour on site polished concrete countertops of various colors. With concrete countertops we are able embedd rock, glass, metal or almost anything your imagination can come up with, concrete is extremely versital and a great option to use outside. We also built outdoor kitchen countertops using Indiana limestone, and granite. Granite is a popular countertop material because of the excellent finish. However, we are limited with the colors that are suggested for outdoor use.  


Outdoor Kitchen Appliances



A good appliance package will include a grill head or smoker like a Big Green Egg, A refrigerator, and a set of drawers for utensils.  A waste basket insert is also a nice addition and is often over looked in the design process. There are many brands and price ranges, so it's just a matter of finding the right fit for your needs and with in your budget. wood fired pizza ovens are a great option for an outdoor kitchen. If you plan on entertaining friends often, a bar beverage center would be a great addition to any outdoor kitchen. Other popular items are warming drawers and paper towel holders. Whatever your needs are, we can guide you through the process of creating a unique Mn Outdoor Kitchen. 



Call me today to schedule a free design consultation and start entertaining in your backyard paradise with an affordable Minneapolis outdoor kitchen built by The Brick & Stone Artist llc. call  612-250-1297  





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